Waynedale United Methodist Preschool


It is our belief that preschool-age children are at one of the most formative and teachable stages in their lives and this is an opportunity for their positive growth and development.

At Waynedale United Methodist Preschool, we welcome all children regardless of their ethnic, cultural, economic, or religious background.

Policies and procedures are under the supervision of the Preschool Board.  This board is responsible for the administrative Council of the Waynedale United Methodist Church. The governing body is made up of parents, church officials, and professionals.


as a Christian preschool

GOD is the Creator of all and receives credit as such.
CHILDREN are the foundation for building our future.
TEACHERS take a hand, open a mind, and touch a heart.
LOVE is the unifying factor for all of the above.

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Waynedale United Methodist Preschool is to supplement and extend the early home experience in a secure environment planned to further each child’s own development.

Pre-school provides exposure to social, physical, and academic enrichment through creative learning centers using age-appropriate materials and equipment. It gives the children one of their first real acquaintances with community beyond the daily life in the family.
Friendly and loving guidance empowers each child to develop to his/her full potential and learn to be a responsible, caring, creative, spontaneous, happy, and independent individual.
It is our hope, that after enrolling with us, each child will find the courage to confront fears and to gain the confidence to further develop strengths in readiness for continued education.