Field Trip
Information is sent home prior to each trip.
Please read these notices carefully.
Verbal messages from children are unreliable.
Please send a note or call to the school.
Newsletters concerning all events are provided to keep parents informed.
Please read these letters carefully.
School Dress Code
Children should wear play clothing.  Consider your child’s comfort and provide simple clothing that helps them become self reliant when using the restroom or putting on a coat. Please No belts.
Appropriate footwear are gym shoes or rubber soled shoes. 
All good-byes at the classroom door.  This allows the staff to attend to the needs of the students.
Tears usually dry more quickly if the parent or guardian leaves immediately. 
Special Activities
Teachers will discuss Show and Tell, Snack, Birthdays and much more at orientation.

Parent Teacher Conferences / Student Evaluations
Readiness screening for students will take place 3 times a year…..fall, mid year and early spring.  A copy of each screening will be made available to parents so the child’s progress may be followed.
If the teacher feels a parent teacher conference is in the best interest of the child the family will be notified. If you desire an additional conference at any time, please contact your child’s teacher to schedule an appointment.

Waynedale Methodist Preschool is Commited to helping young children in our community to be the best they can be!