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Tuesday, March 31, 2020
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Jan. 25, 2015 Sermon

“Healing of our Emotions”
Mark 5:21 – 34

Ted Jansen  January 25, 2015 Waynedale UMC


1.)        Today, I want to focus on the topic of healing and our emotions.  I have information on my thoughts. 

The tool that I want to focus on is glue.  We use glue to bond things together.  This glue is like God’s healing love that will restore our lives.  Let’s look at healing.           


2.)        One day a synagogue ruler, Jairus, came to Jesus.   He came to Jesus with a request for healing.  He came believing that Jesus could heal his daughter.  He loved his daughter and was motivated when she got sick to seek Jesus.  We get a sense of his urgency when we listen to these words.  “Then one of the synagogue rulers, named Jairus, came there.  Seeing Jesus, he fell at his feet, and pleaded earnestly with him.  My little daughter is dying.  Please come and put your hands on her so that she will be healed and live.”  (Mark 5:22, 23)

            Do you see the picture?  Jairus is pleading, begging, at the feet of Jesus.  He falls down while others are watching him.  He calls upon Jesus to heal his daughter.  Jairus believes that Jesus is a healer.  He wants Jesus to come to his home to bring healing.      


3.)        While Jesus is going to Jairus home a woman is also seeking Jesus.  This woman has been having bleeding problems for 12 years and has seen many doctors, and has spent a lot of money.  She has not gotten better.  She comes seeking Jesus and believes that Jesus can heal her.  “When she heard about Jesus, she came up behind him in the crowd and touched his cloak, because she thought, If I just touch his clothes, I will be healed.”  (Mark 5:27, 28)

            Do you see the picture?  This woman, after seeking for many years to get better, with the best care of doctors, believes in Jesus.  She believes that Jesus is a healer.    

            Jesus heals the woman who touched his cloak.   Jesus heals Jairus’ daughter.  One had an illness for a long time.  The girl actually died, but Jesus brought her back to life. 

            We need to come with conviction to Jesus Christ, like Jairus and this woman, with the belief that Jesus is our Healer. 

             We need to come to Jesus with the conviction that we all need healing.  I want to focus on the healing of our emotions.


4.)        The first dog that was in my family growing up was named Chief.  We never had a dog before so we were learning how to train Chief.  Chief would often run away from the house and when she came back we would punish her.  We would say, “bad dog,” scolding her for running away.  The problem was that we were scolding her when she came back home.  We should have been praising her. 

I believe that Chief was experiencing emotional stress and getting mixed signals.  When Chief did something good, like coming back home, it was being told “bad dog”.  This pattern continued and Chief was a confused dog, distressed emotionally. 

When Chief had puppies one summer we kept one of them and gave Chief away, along with the other puppies.  We trained the puppy, Duchess, by walking her around the property with praise.  It was a happy dog that we had a long time.  We did our best to praise her and not send mixed signals.      


5.)        I share that story about our dog, Chief, to invite us to consider experiences that have caused us stress, strain, pain and a need for healing.  We might have received some messages emotionally that we have been trying to sort out and find healing.  

            Have you experienced trauma from rejection, abuse, injury, death, loss due to divorce or abortion, or other emotional areas that have been felt very deeply? 

We know that we live in a world where sin exists.  Sin leads to selfishness.   We are in the need of healing, restoration, in some area in our lives where sin is allowed to lead us.  We need to be made whole.        


6.)        As we consider our lives I want you to think of a vase as your life.  It is whole and together, it is perfect.  But, when things happen to our lives it can be broken apart just as if you broke the vase with a hammer.

We find ourselves looking at our life with broken pieces all around trying to put our life back together again.  We can’t do it.  If we get glue and the hands of another person they can begin to put the vase back together.  It can be restored, gluing piece by piece.  It won’t look like it once did but it can be put back together.    

We need Jesus to be our healer to do something that we cannot do for ourselves.  We need the glue of God’s love to take our imperfect life, to take our pieces, and put it back together.   As we open our heart to the healing process we accept that we will never have the ideal life.  We can never be like we once were.      


7.)        I want to focus on your emotional life as you think of your need for healing.  Do you have brokenness and emotional stress?  Today might be the day when you become honest with yourself about your need.  Here are some questions to consider as you think about your need for emotional healing. 

Do you react when the subject of your pain is brought up?

Do you avoid things that remind you of your hurt?

Are you depressed at certain times of the year?

Are you still resentful and unforgiving?

Is your lifestyle one that could lead to hurt again?

Have your relationships become less healthy?

Are you using food, alcohol or drugs to cover pain?

Do you often have flashback memories?

Do you feel empty, angry, guilty or shamed?

Have you stopped growing emotionally since your pain started?

Do you look at life as before or after your hurt?

Are you still keeping your emotional pain a secret? 

Has God felt distant since your pain started?             (From a website on healing.)     


8.)        Dr David Seamands wrote a book in 1981 entitled, “Healing for Damaged Emotions.”  He shares this process for healing of your emotions.  (Page 20 – 23.) 

Face Problem Squarely (Name the problem and identify it.  Share what happened to yourself and another person.)

            Accept Responsibility (Claim yourself as responsible, don’t be a victim or blame others)

            Ask if you want to be healed (Ask yourself if you desire a change, do you really want a new beginning?)

            Forgive everyone involved in your problem (Name those who you need to forgive, and verbally do so, go to people if you feel led to do so.)

            Forgive yourself (Tell yourself you are forgiven, this is hard but vital.  You can do this.)

Ask the Holy Spirit to show you the real problem and how to pray (This is where the work of God can be cleansing and renewing, claiming the Spirit’s power and presence. God’s presence can pinpoint your exact need.)

I pray that the Holy Spirit would tenderly reveal to you your need for emotional healing.  The Holy Spirit is our Helper, our Counselor, our Comforter. 


9.)        Dr David Seamands focuses on three areas of need that impact our emotional well being.  He identifies: low self esteem, perfectionism and depression.  Our emotional struggles tend to lean in one of these directions.  Whether you are struggling today or not it is helpful to look at these areas of need.    

            Low Self Esteem is the belief that you are not worthy of love or any positive praise.  You feel unworthy, negative and worthless.    

            Perfectionism is the belief that you are only worthy of love when you prove yourself perfect to others.  You feel driven to please others most of the time.    

            Depression is the belief that love, or anything else, doesn’t really matter at all in life.  You have low energy, a sense of apathy, hopelessness, perhaps anger turned inward, depleted emotions, you carry inside of you spiritual struggles, relational issues, financial burdens or physical reasons that contribute to your depressed state.  Nothing matters.     

            *Dr. Seamands shares that these struggles might come from family experiences, life choices, personally, other people, your current environment, etc. a lot of factors.    


10.)      The song, “Something Beautiful,” shares these words.  “Something beautiful, something good, all my confusion he understood; all I had to offer him was brokenness and strife, but he made something beautiful out of my life.”

            It might feel like all you have today is confusion, brokenness, strife, emotional memories of hurt, pain and anger.  When you offer that to Jesus, the Healer, He will restore your life and put the pieces back together. 


11.)      Healing might happen in a moment, or minutes, or days, weeks, months and years.  We trust Jesus as we believe in His healing love and grace. 

We thank God for the healing that can happen in our emotions, our mind and in our bodies.     

            Healing is the work of God’s love in our lives.  Healing means to be made whole, to be put back together.

            A man sought Jesus to heal his daughter.  A woman sought Jesus to heal her life.  We come to Jesus to bring healing of our damaged emotions.      


            I want us to pray together and then I invite you to pray in silence.  I will invite you to come forward after the service for personal prayer.  Let Jesus be your healer. 


Here is a paraphrase of a prayer attributed to St. Francis of Assisi.


Gracious, loving, caring God, Source of all

healing and wholeness, Make us instruments of your healing.

When we are weak and in pain, help us to rest; when we are

anxious, help us to wait patiently; When we are fearful, help

us to trust in You; when we are lonely, help us to love;

When we place You apart from us, help us to know that

You are still near.

Healing God, grant us not so much to demand

everything from ourselves, as to allow others to help us;

Grant us not so much to seek escape, as to face ourselves

and to learn the depth of Your love.  For it is in being

uncertain and not in control, that we find true faith;

In knowing the limits of mind and body, that we find

wholeness of spirit; in passing through death that we

find life that lasts forever.  In the name of Christ Jesus,

our Savior, our Healer, our Lord, we offer ourselves to You.  Amen.